My Winning Quote - 2016 contest

What would you change if you had $30,000 for an eco-friendly home renovation?

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The green
way to go

Get a home or auto insurance quote to WIN $30,000 for an eco-friendly home renovation

A win-win for you and the environment!

Enter The Personal contest and you could win an eco-friendly home renovation.

Go green at home with environmental upgrades like:

  • appliances with low energy consumption,
  • solar panels,
  • low-flow toilets,
  • sustainable flooring,
  • new insulation,
  • energy-efficient windows
  • and more.

With $30,000 at your disposal, the renovation options are endless – and the benefits are too!

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Our 2015 winner!

The lucky winner of the 2015 My Winning Quote contest is Jean-Michel Boily, from Longueuil, insured with The Personal through Caisse Desjardins des policiers et policières.

Jean-Michel was awarded a cheque for $30,000 in the January 15th draw.

Pictured with (left to right) Monique Simard, Vice President of Business Development for The Personal; Normand Prévost, General Manager of Caisse Desjardins des policiers et policières; Daniel Lefebvre, Director of Business Development; and Peggy Ouellet, Account Manager at The Personal.